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Nvpcfix is Las Vegas place to go for all your computer repair needs. Let us remove that virus & clean up your computer so it runs smoothly. Time for a computer upgrade? We have you covered. And don't forget backup and recovery for those important projects. With our In-Store and mobile computer repair service we have your home and business covered. 24 hours what you need is NVpcfix.

We support Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas.
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Got A Virus?

We can the virus removal for you. While doing that we optimize  your computer for speed and reliability. We can even recommend a good anti-virus for you.

Small Business Needs

Let us be your one stop IT solution at a fraction of the cost of in-house IT. We can provide installation, maintenance and monitoring services at contractual rates.

Computer Networking

Ready to go wireless? Need to be able to print from anywhere or share files and
pictures between any computer? We can configure wireless networking to suit your needs.

PC Upgrades

Need more memory? New video card for that new game you got? Or just a little more storage for all your pictures? Let us do the Computer Upgrade for you.

Computer Crashed?

We have the latest tools to accurately service and prevent any future computer crashes or blue screen of death. Get your computer running back up in no time! We have an enormous supply of quality service parts to ensure it doesn't happen again. Call us for PC Repair today.

Bought a New Computer?

We can help you set it up to your preferences. We can do data backup from your old computer and data restore on your new computer. Need it to access files form one location? we can help!

Data Backup

Need backup solutions or just a one time data backup? We can help you determine your needs while keeping cost in mind. Save those important documents like tax documents or those precious pictures from vanishing forever.

Custom Builds

Whether you are a Gamer, Surfter, Social Media Geek or just want a custom computer. Let us build computer to suit your needs

Welcome to your Las Vegas Computer Repair Service for both online and on-site Computer repair and that too Same Day service at no extra cost!

NVpcfix is dedicated to providing quality customer service to the residents of the Las Vegas Valley including Henderson, North Las Vegas and of course Vegas. We specialize in any and all of the computer problems you might have. Check out more details about types of Computer Virus. Wireless Networking. data Backup, Virus Removal, Sypware Removal, Sales and Service of computer parts or completely new computer systems built to your specifications. NVpcfix is your onsite and online computer repair solution for Las Vegas. We do it all. Call us for Virus removal Las Vegas.

Speaking of Virus Removal, let Nvpcfix recommend some free virus, malware removal tools.

Virus Removal
Malware Removal

Some Malware are purposely created to steal your identity. Subscribing to an ID Theft protection service could help in Identity secuirty. Some of them are

Identity Guard




If you need any help for your technology needs then Nvpcfix is the one you want to call. We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With over 23 years of experience, no computer problem is too big to resolve. Our employees are not just Microsoft certified but have also worked at Microsoft at Redmond, WA. We provide on site computer Repair.

Call us to get all of your computer problems resolved. The only thing you have to lose is your computer problem.

Nvpcfix strives to deliver highest quality computer components and peripherals back by nothing but the best in technical expertise. All that with the most competitive prices in the Las Vegsa Valley.

Nvpcfix offers both online and on-site computer repair. Both the solutions are tailored to meet your needs in the best possible way. We are the most competitive Las Vegas Computer Repair business. Nvpcfix tech's are honest, reliable and efficient. We strive to get you back in business with the minimum downtime.

Nvpcfix offers expert on-site and on-line computer service. Virus Removal, Data backup, Wireless Networking, Computer Upgrades, Computer Tune-ups, Computer not working, Computer slow, Computer repairs to name a few of the jobs you could think of us for.

Unlike a lot of businesses, Nvpcfix has all the parts needed in stock. We strive to provide the Las Vegas Valley including Henderson and North Las Vegas, nothing but the best in both computer parts and computer service.

Nvpcfix is playing and important role in being green by recycling old and obsolete computers. Even though we can fix virtually any computer, however, at times disposing the computer can be the only option. To find out where you can recycle your computer so it could be either used or recycled please check out Las Vegas PC Recycling

Call us today to have your computer virus, Sypware removal, Wireless networking and other computer problems taken care of. Las Vegas Computer Repair source is Nvpcfix. We also do Las Vegas Malware Removal and Las Vegas Spyware Removal along with Las Vegas Virus Removal.

Windows 8 is finally here. Speaking of Windows, Microsoft is soon going to stop supporting Windows Xp and Windows Vista. Whenever you upgrade your machine from Windows xp to Windows Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 8, some of the hardware might not be compatible with the new version of Windows. Like one of your sound cards might not work after the new operating system install or your display card might not be supported. So, whenever you want to update your operating system, there is a pretty good chance of having to replace some hardware. Although, in some case you might not have to do that.



Roy- Owner
Las Vegas Car Wraps

I am in the business of commercial printing and one night I happened to work late. It was all going smooth till my computer suddenly died. I had to deliver some very important business cards along with a vehicle wrap. 1 in the morning, I called Nvpcfix. Not only did these guys answer my phone but were there in less than an hour. Turns out I had a bad network card. No problem, they had the spare with them and replaced it with the new computer parts. I highly recommend Nvpcfix for small business and personel computer repair.

Office Manager

I was having trouble with my PC loading very slow and would often lock up when trying to access web sites and links. They was able to quickly remove multiple security programs and reinstall effective, FREE software. My computer is now running smoothly! I especially like the fact that they are available 24 hours a day for quick email questions and remote support if I need it. Great customer service, professional knowledge AND very reasonable rates! Call them for Las Vegas Malware Removal.

Personel Secretary

I typed Spyware removal las vegas in google.com and NVpcfix.som showed up.  I went from being able to access the internet at all to breezing through websites. Thanks for cleaning up the viruses and spyware by installing the antivirus. The programs are working great. You guys are lifesavers. I especially appreciate the quick turnaround and excellent service from Rocky.

Craig Simmons
Car Dealer

Awesome Service! I had them look at my computer and was amazed how quick and efficient they were from start to finish. They charged me what they advertised and I was so impressed I even had them look at my other computer as it was only $49.99 more. I used them to do my home networking and now I can print wirelessly from anywhere in my house. BTW my network consisits of 2 ipads, and two computers. They also helped me in buying a network storage cloud and now all of my movies are on one hard drive and each computer can play them whenever needed. That so rocks! With all the companies out there, this one definitely seems to be the one you can trust!


WOW! A 7AM call for help answered in 60 Seconds. WOW! This morning I had an urgent need to fix a problem with my zip utility. Needless to say it was not even 7AM. I emailed Nvpcfix technical support and within 60 seconds I got what I needed, downloaded a new utility and was able to go on with my work. Thank you Shelly
Bessy L
Account Manager - Las Vegas Weekly
Great service, great prices, you can t beat it!!  They took care of my laptop and now it runs extremely fast!  Love them!!