We Service Windows and Mac

Nvpcfix is Las Vegas place to go for all your computer repair needs. Let us remove that virus & clean up your computer so it runs smoothly. Time for a computer upgrade? We have you covered. And don't forget backup and recovery for those important projects. With our mobile computer repair service we have your home and business covered. 24 hours what you need is NVpcfix.


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We Repair All Brands

Where are we located?

Our stor is located on the west side of the Las Vegas Valley. Our cross streets are Fort Apache and Sahara. We are on the North West corner of Fort Apache and Sahara. We are inside a shopping mall called Village Square which also has the big Regal Cinema. We are Right across the entrance to the AutoZone.
Please feel free to call us at
702-982-1320 if you have any trouble finding us.
We also have a map on our
contact us page to help you with the directions.

What services do we provide?

We repair all kinds of windows computers, Mac Computers and macbooks, Iphones and smartphones, Ipads and Android and Windows tablets. We also host workshops to help you use your smartphone, tablet or computer in an efficient way.
We will gladly build you a Custom computer. Please check out Custom Computers section for more details on custom computers. We strive to provide you with a computer which meets your needs. No matter what your needs are, we can provide you with a solution.

PC Upgrades

Need more memory? New video card for that new game you got? Or just a little more storage for all your pictures? Let us do the Computer Upgrade for you.

Computer Crashed?

We have the latest tools to accurately service and prevent any future computer crashes or blue screen of death. Get your computer running back up in no time! We have an enormous supply of quality service parts to ensure it doesn't happen again. Call us for PC Repair today.

Bought a New Computer?

We can help you set it up to your preferences. We can do data backup from your old computer and data restore on your new computer. Need it to access files form one location? we can help!

Data Backup

Need backup solutions or just a one time data backup? We can help you determine your needs while keeping cost in mind. Save those important documents like tax documents or those precious pictures from vanishing forever.

Service Area Includes

89021, 89074, 89014, 89120, 89119,89122, 89121, 89109, 89123, 89141, 89139, 89118, 89103, 89146, 89107, 89113, 89147, 89117, 89145, 89128, 89108, 89032, 89030, 89128,  89130, 89031, 89030, 89032, 89131, 89149, 89129, 89134, 89138, 89144, 89102, 89135, 89148, 89004, 89124, 89052, 89012, 89104, 89142, 89110, 89101, 89156, 89141, 89115,  89015, 89005